Yom Argo was a male Human special agent who served the Rebel Alliance under the codename Dart during the Galactic Civil War.

Argo was an ally of Tay Vanis, another Rebel agent. Both of them visited Iskalon in order to stir up anti-Imperial sentiments among the locals. They were so successful in this task that the Empire attacked Tiree's native world of Telfrey as a reprisal.

Argo also cooperated with Vanis to retrieve the plans of the second Death Star from a group of Bothans. Unfortunately, Tiree was captured by the Empire. Argo ran away, his goal being to report to the Rebel command and lead a rescue effort for Tiree. He flew on his ship with his personal astromech droid.

Unfortunately, as soon as Argo left the Bothans, he crash-landed on Lahsbane, killing himself and a native Lahsbee. His droid survived, and the other Lashbees took the data tapes to honor their fallen partner. Fortunately, the Rebel Alliance managed to retrieve the tapes.

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