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Yorgraxx was a planet located in the Prefsbelt sector of the Outer Rim.


During the New Sith Wars, the Near-Human Sith Lord Quorlac Fornayh traveled to Yorgraxx and enslaved the native species. He used them to build his fortress and then exterminated them. After the war began to favor the Galactic Republic, he retreated to his fortress to build up his forces and to develop the Coloi creature he was creating.

During the Galactic Civil War, the Galactic Empire scout ship, Predator's Beak crashed on the planet, which eventually reawakened the spirit of Fornayh. This created a disturbance in the Force which Emperor Palpatine felt on Coruscant, and he sent Emperor's Hand Jallar Golin to Yorgraxx to investigate it. The Rebel Alliance ship Griffon's Wings was attacked above the planet by Imperial Guardian-class light cruisers and crash-landed. The Rebel survivors joined forces with the survivors of the Imperial crash and defeated Fornayh's spirit in the fortress. Golin then arrived and encountered them.

Yorgraxx later became part of the Imperial Remnant.



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