"Well, he's to be commended for following orders even at the cost of considerable pain. Give him a commendation, and when he gets out of the medical ward, give him a three-day leave"
Warlord Zsinj regarding Yorlin.[src]

Yorlin was a stormtrooper that served aboard the Iron Fist under Warlord Zsinj.


When members of Wraith Squadron—under the guise of the Hawk-bat Independent Space Force—visited the Iron Fist, Yorlin was one of the stormtroopers that made sure the visitors were not armed before meeting Warlord Zsinj. Yorlin searched Dissek—the alias used by Kell Tainer—and was knocked unconscious by the pilot. Dissek claimed that it was just his reflex action at being prodded. Yorlin suffered a concussion and damage to some of his teeth at the encounter.

When Zsinj heard of the incident, he asked General Melvar to commend Yorlin for following orders and was given a three day leave effective after his discharge from the medical ward.

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