Yorn Skot was a gas giant in the Yorn Skot system near Dargulli. It was a natural source of non-spinsealed tibanna gas. It was not part of the Galactic Republic.


Galactic RepublicEdit

The planet was owned and governed by Clode Rhoden, who grew wealthy from the Yorn Skot mining station. His lack of ecological concern made him a target for assassination by the Green Forge eco-terrorists.

In 38 BBY, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi went on a mission to save the Aurorient Express from sinking into the gas giant. They discovered that Rhoden was trying to kill his wife by sending her in an escape pod into the Station and destroying it, then collecting insurance money by blaming the destruction on Green Forge.

Yorn Skot floating platform

H.O.P.E. Squad approaches a repulsor platform on Yorn Skot.

At the end of the affair, after multiple betrayals by many parties involved, the station was saved, although Rhoden lost it to Saul Moegantz. Pressure pirates stole the Express and died aboard it when it exploded due to a bomb meant to kill Rhoden.

During the Clone Wars, Jedi Treetower was sent to the planet to disrupt goods smuggling being carried out by the Trade Federation. When the mission went awry, he was rescued by H.O.P.E. Squad, although only the squad leader survived the extraction. The goods were actually Ugnaught slaves being shipped to work in droid factories.

Galactic EmpireEdit

Years later, shortly before the Battle of Yavin, Imperial Admiral Coy's Mathayus intercepted a Rebel Alliance distress signal coming from near Yorn Skot. The Mathayus went to investigate. First Officer Atali and a number of stormtroopers boarded the ship the Mathayus intercepted there—but it was a actually a trap laid by Grand Moff Trachta, a decoy filled with explosives which blew up and damaged the hangar bay of the Mathayus, killing Atali and his men. The whole trap had been meant to kill Darth Vader, who was aboard the Mathayus, but Vader managed to escape harm.


Settlement of the planet was led by Clode Rhoden, and consisted of a diverse range of species. The mining station's population numbered into the thousands. Rhoden employed members of the Duros, Givin and Human species, while his luxury cruise liner the Aurorient Express attracted a variety of species, from Anx, Gran, and Gungans, to Hutts, Quarren and Twi'leks.



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