"So by destroying the station, you hope to reap the insurance benefits."
"I got debts, ya know."
Qui-Gon Jinn and Clode Rhoden[src]

Yorn Skot mining station[2] was a mining colony located on the planet Yorn Skot. Founded by wealthy tibanna gas magnate Clode Rhoden,[1] it was the gas giant's[3] main colony[4] and had a population numbering in the thousands.[2]

In the year 38 BBY,[5] Rhoden's wife was having an affair with Buck, a member of the Green Forge eco-terrorist group, and together they plotted to collect on Clode's insurance policy. To that effect, they planted a core bomb aboard Rhoden's luxury liner, the Aurorient Express, with the intent of using it to destroy Yorn Skot mining station with Clode aboard. However, he learned of their plan and had their bomb moved to his wife's escape pod and reprogrammed its trajectory to collide with the mining colony, which would allow him to both collect the insurance money and kill his cheating wife. However, his plot was thwarted when the ship's captain detonated the bomb early to avoid endangering the innocent bystanders aboard Yorn Skot mining station.[2] Ultimately, Rhoden lost the mining colony to Saul Moegantz,[4] who claimed it to cover Clode's gambling debts.[2]



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