«The Sith make such trouble for me and business has been slow.»
―Yortal Ixlis, to Revan[src]

Yortal Ixlis was a male Ithorian who lived in Ahto City during the Jedi Civil War. Around 3956 BBY, he owned Yortal's Emporium and was often harassed by the local Sith. He came to run a used goods shop when he failed at a task for a Czerka Corporation executive and was forced to open his shop on Manaan to pay off the debt. Ixlis knew little of Manaan, as he worked all day and slept all night. When the amnesiac Revan visited his shop, he witnessed a Sith soldier mocking Ixlis.

Later, after Revan raided the Sith Embassy on Manaan and exposed their plot to overthrow the government of that world, Ixlis offered Revan a discount on his wares.

Behind the scenesEdit

Despite his being an Ithorian, the Sith soldier comments to Yortal that "you fish are a strange breed."



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