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Yos Kolina was a male Mon Calamari who served as the King of Mon Cala during the last years of the Galactic Republic. His rule was cut short, however, when he was assassinated by Separatist Riff Tamson.


Yos Kolina was King of of Mon Cala during the last years of the Republic. During this time, he had a son, Prince Lee-Char. Kolina was also able maintain a friendship with the Quarren chieftain, Nossor Ri that kept the peace between both their people.[3]

Clone WarsEdit

However, by 20 BBY,[1] the Separatists, at the request of the Quarren, sent Commander Riff Tamson as a ambassador and observer to Mon Cala.[2] Kolina then asked the Republic and Jedi to help him keep his world from descending into a civil war.[1] However, Kolina was assassinated by Tamson.[2]

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