"We True Ubese have scraped and bludgeoned a harsh existence from the wastelands of our world, battling hostile clans, poisoned earth and savage predators. The pretenders, the yrak pootzck, have basked in their fair living, enjoying the verdant fields and hills of Ubertica, and basking in the political stability inflicted upon them by their Republic and Imperial masters."
―From the datafiles of Savax Clan Vorsazg[src]

The yrak pootzck, a phrase implying impure parentage and cowardly ways, referred to those members of the Ubese species who had been rescued from their ravaged homeworld of Uba IV and relocated to the nearby Ubertica system, where they propagated and eventually found their way into the galaxy. The yrak pootzck engaged in a millennia-old bloodfeud with the so-called "True Ubese," those members of the species who remained on Uba IV to eke out a meager existence.

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