The Yrashu were technologically primitive sapient beings indigenous to Baskarn. They were large baldheaded primates with green fur covering their bodies, and at first sight appeared intimidating.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Yrashu were experts in jungle survival, passing on their skills to their young ones in a session called the momu, in which they would also teach their young ones to make Yrashu maces from the roots of a great tree. The Yrashu exhibited their expertise in jungle survival in that they were able to climb the dangerous razor trees of their planet.

The Yrashu were Force-sensitive and were therefore generally open-minded with a loving disposition towards things, and did not kill unless the need for its was great and a matter of survival. With some exceptions – namely the tribe referred to as the Low Ones – they were a tolerant and gentle species.

History and cultureEdit

Before the Battle of Baskarn, Yrashu had not been contacted by any spacefaring civilizations. However, they were receptive and open to relations, but it was required that diplomats be adopted into the tribe. They instinctively fought the Galactic Empire, as they could sense its ties to the dark side of the Force. In the events leading up to the Battle, a group of Rebels were adopted into a Yrashu tribe and went through a momu, in which they were taught jungle survival according to the Yrashu way. The tribe participated in the battle, and emerged victorious along with the Rebels.