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Ytavarg Aleema was a Keed from Keedad who was a member of Rebel Alliance Intelligence working as a Foster Agent. The most famous shockball player in the galaxy, he led the Shad Furies to five championships of the Royal Imperial Shockball League, defeating over eighty of the Galaxy's top teams.

His involvement with the Alliance began when he attempted to intervene in an attack by seven Human Furies fans on a rival player, Ap Kormar, non-Human center for the Quent Assassins. It turned out the attack was planned by distant Moff who believed Kormar to be a Rebel sympathizer. Aleema killed the seven assassins using only his shockball and scoop, but through the political maneuvering of the Furies coach, Ji, he was allowed to return to shockball after a reprimand and a brief suspension.

After investigating the Rebel cause, Aleema decided that the best way he could fight the Empire would be to fund it. Aggressively pursuing merchandising and endorsement contracts, he funneled fifty percent of his earnings to the Alliance. His extensive mansion in the foothills near Shad on Melinz doubled as a safe haven for Rebel operatives on the run.

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