"Query: Can I kill him now, master? I would like ever so much to crush his neck, just a little. It is a long-time fantasy of mine."

Yuka Laka was a Ithorian male who was a droid dealer in the Anchorhead settlement on Tatooine, during the Jedi Civil War.


Laka dealt in selling droid upgrades as well as swoop parts. He then purchased HK-47 from a friend from an off-world warehouse who was in debt, claiming 'no-one would miss it'. He believed it was a protocol droid, unaware of his true nature as an assassin droid. Using whatever qualifications he could identify from the droid, he tried to sell it to two moisture farmers, but it just stood still and must've made them lose interest in it. He then later sold the droid to an amnesiac Revan, who was unaware at the time that he was HK-47's creator and original master.


Yuka Laka was a greedy merchant, and according to HK-47, a poor mechanic. A Duros conservationist visiting Tatooine said he would call rust gold to make a sale. The assassin droid also described him as a weak coward; in fact, HK-47 showed no respect for Yuka Laka, even when he was his master. However, Yuka Laka actually did not respect him either, calling him a stubborn thing prior to purchase, as well as calling him a 'worn out' droid. He also refused to answer any qualities about HK after Revan purchased the droid, claiming that any problems encountered were Revan's, not his.

Behind the scenesEdit

Yuka Laka first offers HK-47 to Revan for 5000 credits. However, Laka immediately drops this price to 4000 credits the moment Revan objects, claiming "Some people will bite straight away". Revan can then have the option to use either Force Persuade or normal persuasion abilities to make Laka drop the price to 3000 or 2500 credits. If the player takes the dark side option, he can threaten Laka, at which point he will drop the price to 2500 credits, the lowest price. If the player takes the dark side path, he will be unable to shop at Yuka's store. It should also be noted that, if the player tries to buy HK-47 while on the dark side, the only options are to drop the price and to say they are not interested, thus preventing the player from buying HK-47 until they go over to the light side.

There was another dark side option that was cut out from the game which was to kill Yuka Laka at HK-47's request. The consequences were to kill Yuka Laka and regain the credits used to purchase HK-47 and a Zabrak pistol.



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