Yul-Li was a young Human male Jedi Master of the Jedi Order who served as a loyal bodyguard to Master Yonlach on Tatooine during the waning years of the Cold War between the Republic and the Sith Empire.


Yul-Li was a close friend to Yonlach during the Cold War. He accompanied him in his hermit's life on Tatooine when Nomen Karr and his new apprentice, Jaesa Willsaam, arrived to meet the hermit.

Some time after their departure, Darth Baras sent his apprentice to search for Jaesa Willsaam and hunt down anyone who knew her. Master Yul-Li was one of them, including Yonlach as well. When the Sith apprentice arrived, Yul-Li urged Yonlach to retreat to safety while he engages the Sith. However, Yonlach refused, deciding to first speak with the Sith. He told the Sith Warrior that he's aware of the Sith's attempts to draw Jaesa out and has already warned her through their psychic link. He encouraged the Sith to turn back but the Warrior would not relent, so Master Yonlach rendered the Warrior's companion unconscious and he and Yul-Li engaged the Warrior, but they were no match. Unwilling to see Yonlach die just for a Padawan, Yul-Li gave up Jaesa's identity but Yonlach was forced to wipe all his memory of Jaesa and her whereabouts and put him to sleep before he could reveal more.

Personality and traitsEdit

Yul-Li was fiercely loyal to his master, Yonlach. He often worried for his safety and would urge him to retreat so that he would face the Sith by himself. He was even willing to give away Jaesa's name if it meant Yonlach would live, reasoning that Yonlach was a wise master while Jaesa was just a Padawan. When the Sith Warrior asked Yul-Li if he also wanted to live, the Jedi replied that his own life was less important.


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