Yuledan was a male Jedi who served the New Jedi Order during the Yuuzhan Vong War.


Yuledan was captured in 25 ABY by Yuuzhan Vong during the early stages of their invasion of the galaxy. He was captured sometime before, or during, the Battle of Dibrook and brought to a Shaper research facility on the planet Dibrook. Here, Master Shaper Nagme experimented on him. Commander Tsalok later placed a tizowyrm in his ear to interrogate him about the whereabouts of Jedi Padawan Finn Galfridian. Tsalok placed a spineray on his back to torture him into giving the information. Yuledan resisted for several days, relying on the Force to sustain himself. However, he eventually broke down and told Tsalok Finn's name and that he was in training on Yavin 4. Tsalok then took Yuledan with him offworld when New Republic and refugee forces breached the facility, forcing the Yuuzhan Vong to evacuate the Shapers. His lightsaber was recovered by Kaye Galfridian.

Tsalok took Yuledan and the shapers to Rychel, a planet that had been conquered by the Yuuzhan Vong. Yuledan continued to be experimented on, but Nagme and the other Shapers did not want him to break, or else their plans for him would not succeed. They allowed Yuledan to escape from his confinement in order to keep his spirit up, and he acquired a weapon and attempted to kill Nagame. Tsalok intervened, picking up Yuledan and throwing him against a well, and was about to impale him upon an amphistaff before Nagame stopped him. She explained to him the situation, but Tsalok was determined that Yuledan would not touch her. He advanced on Yuledan, who raised his arms in defense, but Tsalok cut off his right hand in punishment.


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