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This male individual, a wealthy mineral baron on the planet Panatha, was the father of the Epicanthix named Yun. He pampered his son, and as a result, Yun lacked patience needed in the family business. To develop such quality in his son, the baron decided to send him to Bunduki, to learn from the order of monks known as the Followers of Palawa. However, after spending only a year with them, Yun returned home, because the monks refused to teach him the ancient martial art Teräs Käsi. The baron then decided that his son should get closer with the baron's fiancee, the Prophetess of the Dark Side Sariss. This proved to be his ultimate undoing, as Yun, manipulated by Sariss, killed his own father and pledged the family assets to Sariss's master Jerec.


This male individual residing on the planet Panatha had a business affiliated with minerals. By 3 ABY, he became a wealthy mineral baron. He and an unidentified female had a daughter and a son named Yun of the Epicanthix species. The baron sheltered Yun from worry the entire life, resulting in Yun becoming very pampered and impatient. Since such behavior was bad for the family business, the baron decided to send his son to the planet Bunduki, to learn from the ancient monk order called the Followers of Palawa.

Shortly after the Battle of Endor, the baron met Sariss, the Prophetess of the Dark Side. Soon, Sariss became baron's fiancée. However, not long after that, Yun returned from Bunduki, angry at the Palawa monks for not letting him learn the ancient martial art of Teräs Käsi. The baron was disappointed, but immediately came out with another idea. He decided that it would be good for Yun if he learned the secrets of the dark side of the Force from Sariss. As the time passed, Yun fell in love with Sariss. She responded to the boy's feelings, but told him that they could not be together because of her vow to the baron. Manipulated by Sariss, Yun killed his father.

Yun later abandoned or killed his mother and sister and pledged all family assets to Sariss master, the Miraluka Dark Jedi Jerec. Circa a year later, he had a dream of him cutting his father's head with a steel sword.

Behind the scenesEdit

This character first appeared in the brief dream sequence in the Dark Forces: Jedi Knight novella. His backstory was expanded in The Dark Forces Saga, a series of RPG scenarios released on the Wizards of the Coast website.