This lightsaber was created by the Dark Jedi Yun. After being brought aboard Jerec's flagship, the Vengeance, Qu Rahn stole it and briefly used it to defend himself against Jerec's Dark Jedi, only managing to bisect Maw before being subdued by Jerec. Yun used it in his duel with Kyle Katarn, taking it with him when fleeing from the aspiring Jedi. When Sariss tried to kill Katarn after his crash on Ruusan, Yun then used it to prevent her from doing so, leading to his death. After that, Kyle Katarn used it to duel and kill Sariss, Boc Aseca and Jerec. He also used it prior to and during his fall to the dark side.

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Katarn using Yun's saber, now with Orange crystal, while training with Mara Jade