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"What I mean to say is that Palpatine was a smart man. Smarter than the combination of all of us here. We must emulate his path. The Emperor knew the dark side was his savior, and so we too must make the dark side ours."
―Yupe Tashu[src]

Yupe Tashu was a male human who served in the Galactic Empire as one of Emperor Sheev Palpatine's closest advisers. Although he could not use the Force himself, Tashu was a historian of the dark side and a Sith cultist. Following the death of the Emperor during the Battle of Endor, Tashu became a part of the Imperial Future Council, a group of high-ranking officials who met on Akiva to decide the future of the shattered Empire. However, Tashu was captured when the fledgling New Republic learned Imperial leaders were flocking to Akiva and attacked.

Tashu was later imprisoned by the New Republic on Chandrila. In 5 ABY, he managed to escape New Republic custody with the help of Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax. Tashu later resurfaced with the shadowy Acolytes of the Beyond on the planet Devaron. Tashu was later present at the Battle of Jakku, where he perished.


Serving the EmperorEdit

A male human, Yupe Tashu came to serve Emperor Sheev Palpatine,[2] an evil[3] Dark Lord of the Sith who ruled over the Galactic Empire. Tashu was one of the Emperor's closest advisers, and as such he was part of the Empire's uppermost tiers. He was even considered a friend of his Imperial master, or at least as much as one could be.[2]

Although he could not wield the Force, a mystical energy field generated by all living things, Tashu had embraced the cult of the Sith, an ancient and malevolent order whose members sought to gain power over the whole galaxy. The Imperial adviser considered himself a historian of the dark side, an aspect of the Force that focused on fear, anger and aggression. Tashu possessed at least one Sith artifact, a red metal mask with demonic features.[2]

Summit on AkivaEdit

"I will say this: The Sith are masters of deception. It is no cowardice to hide in the shadows and strike when your enemy passes."
―Yupe Tashu[src]

After a twenty-three-year reign, the Emperor died during the Battle of Endor, when the Rebel Alliance destroyed the second Death Star battlestation. With Palpatine's untimely demise, the Empire was plunged into turmoil, and the Rebel Alliance evolved into the New Republic. Adviser Tashu, along with a few other high ranking officials, agreed to meet on Akiva, a backwater planet of the Outer Rim Territories that still fell under Imperial jurisdiction, to discuss the future of the Empire.[2]

Tashu felt that the remaining Imperial forces should retreat "beyond the veil of stars," searching for the source of the dark side. According to the Imperial adviser, that was the only way to rebuild a stronger, better organized Empire that would hide in the shadows, and then strike the New Republic in due course. However, Tashu was at odds with other members of the newly-created Imperial Future Council. The self-proclaimed Grand Moff Valco Pandion wanted to go on the offensive, using the planets still under Imperial control to conscript more soldiers and using their remaining starships to attack the New Republic and nip it in the bud. The banker Arsin Crassus, for his part, wanted to negotiate with the enemy. During the proceedings, Tashu also took the time to interrogate and torture a New Republic starfighter pilot named Wedge Antilles, who been captured by the convener Admiral Rae Sloane while on a scouting mission.[2]

However, the Imperial Future Council was short-lived, as the New Republic disrupted its meeting on Akiva, inciting that planet's citizens to overthrow the Imperial occupation. During the ensuing battle, Adviser Tashu was captured by the enemy, along with General Jylia Shale.[2]

New Republic captivityEdit

Due to his refusal to cooperated with his New Republic captors, Yupe Tashu was housed in a spartan cage with little comforts. He smeared the walls of his cell with food waste and drew strange symbols and maps. The New Republic guard assigned to guard Tashu was the Chandrilan man Windom Traducier, who was an undercover agent of the Imperial Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax. In 5 ABY, Tashu was visited by the former Imperial loyalty officer Sinjir Rath Velus and his friend Temmin Wexley, who had joined a group of rebels who hunted down Imperial war criminals.[4]

After some delays, Sinjir managed to force the guard to open the door to his cage. Tashu recognized Sinjir, who returned the greeting and then asked him about Imperial prisons. After some babbling, Tashu reluctantly told Sinjir to visit the Siniteen prison builder Golas Aram on the planet Irudiru on the edge of Wild Space. Using this information, Sinjir and his team managed to free a hundred prisoners from the automated Ashmead's Lock prison on the planet Kashyyyk including Temmin's father Brentin Lore Wexley. However, this turned out to be a ruse by Rax to use the prisoners to attack the New Republic leadership.[4]

During the attack, Traducier freed Tashu from prison. After being reassured that Traducier had not come to kill him, Tashu thanked the darkness for saving him. Traducier then directed Tashu towards a ship on Docking Platform E-22. When Tashu queried about Shale, Crassus, and Pandion, Traducier revealed that Pandion was long dead and that he had murdered Shale and Crassus. When Tashu inquired why, Traducier replied that he had received orders to kill them and to free Tashu. Traducier clarified that Rax was the new Emperor and that Rax served Palpatine. Tashu praised the late Sidious for having a plan before making his escape.[4]

Personality and traitsEdit

"We must seek the source of the dark side like a man looking for a wellspring of water."
―Yupe Tashu[src]

Adviser Tashu was a man whose age was hard to tell from his appearance. He had beady eyes, and his face was covered with the dark striations. Despite having impeccably white teeth, he had a frightening, snake-like smile. He wore plush purple robes that had bundled, puffy sleeves ending in tassels, and an emerald hat.[2] As with all the other Imperial advisers, his choices of clothes were reminiscent of the Naboo noblemen's sartorial extravagance.[5]

Yupe Tashu was a wild-eyed religious zealot who refused to abandon his loyalty to the Empire and Darth Sidious. He put the Empire above his own self interest and needs. While Tashu saw himself as a zealot and loyalist, others like the former Imperial loyalty officer Sinjir viewed him as an insane fanatic. Tashu's loyalty to Palpatine led him to believe that the void awaited those who betrayed the Emperor. While Tashu was reluctant to accept Rax as the new Emperor, he was mollified when Windom Traducier reassured him that Rax served the late Emperor.[4]

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Although Tashu was no Force user, he claimed to have been trained by the best in an ancient Sith art involving the red mask he possessed.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

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