Yustavan Dreezian was a male crime lord who resided in the city Hanna on the planet Corellia, where he operated a secret spice plant. For many years, Dreezian had an arrangement with the Corellian shipping magnate Cilyn Gara whereby Gara's starships would transport spice for Dreezian. However, the pair eventually fell out and Gara refused to transport any more goods for Dreezian, so the crime lord covertly arranged for the Human assassin Kodi Vilthar to murder Gara. Dreezian then planned to persuade Gara's daughter, Magda Gara, to allow him to make use of her father's ships. In addition, Dreezian also planned to eliminate Vilthar, to prevent anyone from connecting Cilyn Gara's death to Dreezian.

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