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The Warrior caste.

The Yuuzhan Vong castes were the social groupings that the Yuuzhan Vong belonged to. Each Yuuzhan Vong was born into their caste. While special actions could cause them to be promoted to another caste, failures would usually result in demotion to another caste. Each caste was extremely hierarchical.


  • Supreme Overlord: Grand ruler of the Yuuzhan Vong
  • Warrior caste: The soldiers
  • Intendant caste: Political and economic
  • Priest caste: Speakers for the gods
  • Shaper caste: Scientists
  • Worker caste: Largest group; menial, unskilled labor
  • Shamed Ones: The lowest of the low, Yuuzhan Vong who failed or rejected implants. Originate from all castes but part of the Workers; scorned even by them
  • Slaves: Although not of the same or similar species as Yuuzhan Vong, slaves were used in battle and construction; the Vong used slaves native to their home galaxy and those native to the planets they conquered.



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