The Yvarema were bipedal sapients indigenous to Yvara. The Yvarema were an example of a non-insectoid hive-mind species. Consisted of several different classes, they were ruled by the Majjvara, and each was totally dependent on the other.


Before the Yvarema developed sufficient technology, the Majjvara would lay eggs in a protected chamber and create the various classes needed for Yvarema society. By 8 ABY, the egg laying had been eliminated, and the Majjvara produced embryonic cells that were developed in incubators.

The Yvarema employed a hive-mind based on pheromonal and empathic links. Unlike other hive-mind species, each Yvarema had a unique and distinct personality, and there were no mindless drones. However, the intelligence of a Yvarema was based on the number of other Yvarema present within a given area. The more Yvarema around, the smarter an individual Yvarema became. When cut off from the hive-mind, they lost their intelligence.

Because of their hive-mind, Yvarema were susceptible to feelings transmitted through the hive by the empathic link. Because of this, Yvarema felt great joy and happiness, but also experienced fear and danger. As a result, several of the Yvarema classes were bred with limited sensitivity to reduce any negative experiences being transmitted through the hive. The Yvarema hive-mind made them capable of empathic perception with other species, but on a limited level. Yvarema could sense the emotions of others around them in general terms, and determine if an individual was friendly or not.

Yvarema classesEdit

The Yvarema consisted of several classes, each bred for a specific role and function within Yvarema society.


The worker was the most common Yvarema. A neuter sex of strong bipeds, they were trained for a variety of roles, including construction, sanitation and maintenance. By 8 ABY, Yvarema droids were being produced in greater numbers, meaning that the Majjvara ceased producing workers in large numbers.


Slender and quicker than the workers, the explorer-scout Yvarema was identifiable by a large water and fat-retaining hump on its back. Intended for long journeys beyond the hive, the explorer-scout's empathic link has a greater range. Explorer-scouts patrolled beyond the hive, searching for food and resources for the workers to exploit. They were also used to guard the outskirts of the hive from predators.

They also had better vision in low-light situations, and a less perceptive tactile sense so any dangers they encountered could not endanger the hive.

Lore gathererEdit

Serving as librarians and scholars, the lore gatherers are the longest lived Yvarema next to the Majjvara. They have enlarged craniums that hold large minds, meaning they had an enhanced empathic sense. To avoid the pain that workers and explorer-scouts felt on a day-to-day basis, lore gatherers generally sealed themselves away from the hive until their area of study was needed.

Royal explorerEdit

The royal explorer were a class of Yvarema that were bred by the Majjvara for the purpose of deep space exploration. Imbued with a stronger personality and a limited intelligence buffer, the royal explorers were only twelve in number. Due to the Yvarema hive-mind, space-exploration was problematic because the further a Yvarema traveled from the hive, the more of his intelligence and faculties were lost. To combat this, each royal explorer was accompanied by a lore gatherer, three workers, and two explorer-scouts. The group would never separate by more than one hundred kilometers.

Royal explorers that were separated could survive away from the hive-mind. Due to the limited intelligence buffer built into their brains, they retained some semblance of their past self, but their intelligence was vastly reduced. The most famous royal explorer was Gunthar, who traveled beyond the Kathol Rift, and returned on the New Republic ship FarStar.

FarStar warriorsEdit

Created in 8 ABY, the FarStar warriors were a warrior class bred to defend the hive following the unwanted attentions of the Qektoth Confederation. They resembled a cross between Gunthar and the Sludir Qesya Vth'naar. Their creation caused the Majjvara's life to shorten.