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"I'm going to be sitting in a Z-95 cockpit wearing an EVA suit, and you want to sit on my lap? Worry less about being left behind and more about making certain the concussion missles are fitted with the proper warheads, okay, buddy?"
Poe Dameron, to BB-8[src]

The Z-95 Headhunter was a multi-purpose starfighter jointly manufactured by Incom Corporation and Subpro. Despite being considered outdated, the Z-95 was durable and adaptable to a variety of different roles, which led many to recognize it as a versatile and respectable snub-fighter of its era. Countless variants of the Headhunter were produced, including a variant designed specifically to be piloted by the Grand Army of the Republic's pilots during the Clone Wars. It was the forerunner of Incom's popular T-65B X-wing starfighter.


Though already outdated[4] by the time it entered production,[3] the multi-purpose Z-95 Headhunter starfighter boasted endurance and adaptability and was largely recognized as a respectable and versatile snub-fighter of its era.[4] Equipped with two pairs of engines,[2] it lacked an astromech socket, forcing its pilots to pre-program hyperspace routes or force-feed its navicomputer jump coordinates provided by data chips. The Z-95 was also noted for its cramped cockpit. Despite these drawbacks, it featured internal environmental controls[3] and a pair of[2] high powered,[3] wingtip-mounted[2] blaster cannons.[3] It could also feature a center-mounted ion cannon, which was capable of penetrating deflector shields,[2] and concussion missile launchers.[3] It was the forerunner of Incom's incredibly successful T-65B X-wing starfighter, which implemented technologies and designs test-bedded in the Z-95.[1]


Jointly manufactured by Incom Corporation and Subpro,[1] the Z-95 Headhunter entered production during the Clone Wars[3] and spawned countless variants, with the Galactic Republic making its own mark on the Headhunter's large production run with a clone-specific model.[4] Even after the war had ended, Z-95 Headhunters were, according to Wilhuff Tarkin, common enough to "have come from anywhere." Several were used by Berch Teller's rebel cell in their fight against the Galactic Empire.[5]

Z-95s were still used during the Galactic Civil War, where they were used by the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Despite being slightly slower and less maneuverable than its successors, including the T-65B, they were a close air support staple of the Rebel Alliance Starfighter Corps.[2] The TIE fighter pilots of the Imperial Navy referred to Z-95s as "skulls".[6]

Though it had long been retired from military use,[3] Z-95s were still present in the galaxy over 30 years later,[7] and were a favorite among smugglers, gangsters, pirates, and a variety of others seeking to do both legitimate and illegitimate business. Resistance pilot Poe Dameron was able to acquire three of these fighters for a covert mission; Operation: Sabre Strike.[3]

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The Z-95 Headhunter first appeared in Han Solo at Stars' End, a 1979 Star Wars Legends novel written by Brian Daley as the first entry in The Han Solo Adventures trilogy.[8] It became canon when it was referenced in the clone Z-95 starfighter's entry in the now-discontinued Encyclopedia on[1] The entry was carried over to the Encyclopedia's replacement, the Databank, with its mention of the Z-95 Headhunter intact.[4] It made its first canonical appearance in Star Wars: Commander, a mobile game published by Disney Interactive[2] that was released on August 21, 2014.[9]


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