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The Z-'ceptor was a type of "Ugly" starfighter that was cobbled together from the salvaged parts of Z-95 Headhunters and TIE Interceptors.


This type of "ugly" starfighter used the frontal fuselage of the Headhunter, which was then attached to the "eyeball" fuselage of a TIE Interceptor, the engines of the Headhunter, and the solar collector panels of the Interceptor. Weapon-wise, the craft possessed the two laser cannons from the TIE's wings, while the Z-95's own cannons were attached to either side of the main fuselage. The fighter also bore a twin barreled cannon, resembling a BTL Y-wing starfighter's ion cannon turret, mounted on top of the "eyeball" cockpit. Interestingly, a port for an astromech droid was situated at the nose of the fighter rather than behind the pilot.


Z-interceptors were starfighters used by Kavil's Corsairs and the Kintan Gunrunners. They were also involved in the wholesale slaughter of the Rendili mine-colonies populated by Yuzzum who were fleeing Imperial persecution for their religious beliefs.



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