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Freemakers Z-wing

Zander, Kordi and Naare discover the Z-wing that Rowan had stolen

The Z-wing, also known as Uglies, were the various starships built by Zander Freemaker at Freemaker Salvage and Repair, a garage and starship repair business that was based in a space station called The Wheel.


During the Galactic Civil War, the mechanic Zander Freemaker built a fleet of Z-wings at the Freemaker Salvage and Repair garage in the Wheel, a space station located in the Abrion system. When his sister Kordi Freemaker tried to convince Zander to sell one of his "uglies" to help pay off their debts, he refused and insisted that they be called Z-wings.[1]

Later, Rowan Freemaker stole one of Zander's Z-wings and lured Roger by claiming that the Wheel was experiencing a gas leak. The Z-wing was damaged by the Balgaroth asteroid field but the pair managed to land their ship at an ore mine run by the Hutt crime lord Graballa. Later, Zander, Kordi, and the false Jedi Naare stumbled upon the wrecked ship. Zander deemed the ship so badly damaged that he wrote it off as an "Ugly." Zander used the ship's parts to create another Z-wing which Kordi tried to sell to Graballa, who rejected the offer. The Freemakers and Naare used the ship to escape with a kyber crystal.[2]

After damaging Wick Cooper's N-1 starfighter, Kordi forced Zander to offer one of his Z-wings as compensation. However, Wick settled for Zander's prized Blazemaker.[3] Kordi attempted to sell a Z-wing to a Sullustan customer but the ship fell apart and the customer called off the deal.[4] Later, Kordi allowed Princess Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker to buy one of their Z-wings at a highly discounted rate due to their sympathy for the Rebel Alliance.[5]

The Sith agent Naare damaged several of Zander's Z-wings in an attempt to force him to reveal the location of his younger brother Rowan Freemaker, who had the last Kyber Saber.[6] Later, Rowan used the Force to repair Zander's Z-wings along with the damaged Freemaker Garage and the StarScavenger.[7]


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