Z0-0M: "But I don't want to destroy the Alliance base! Stop this-now!."
Sabotage Computer: "Shroud voice override confirmed. Disarming sabotage network. Disabling thermal detonators"
―Z0-0M doesn't want the Alliance base destroyed[src]

Z0-0M, previously the Shroud, was a feminine replicator droid who was active during the Cold War.


The droid known as Z0-0M was activated at some point before the end of the Galactic War between the Old Republic and the Sith Empire. Annoyed by the inferiority of her master, she killed them and became the criminal spy known as the Shroud, using actors to play her role while she was safe at her base. Constantly being defeated by the Outlander, she wanted to destroy their base on Odessen. She had the droid HK-55 captured so she could copy his memories into a replica, and use its info to send her current puppet to destroy the Alliance base. Attempting to wipe HK-55's memory, she erased her own, becoming a friendly and innocent droid with no memory of her crimes. Greeting HK, she helped free him and aided him in escaping, trying to stop "the Shroud" from destroying the Outlander.