"Luke Skywalker… File: ZC-1905-FT, Section: OC-6492, Human: 10th Degree, Born: Sidereal Era, AS-5670… of Master and Mistress Tan Skywalker on—"
―Mistress Mnemos[src]

ZC-1905-FT was the name of a file that the Alliance to Restore the Republic-owned BRT supercomputer Mistress Mnemos utilized by 1 ABY on the planet Fusai. It contained the identities of various high-level members of the Rebel Alliance. It possessed at least one section, OC-6492, which gave details on the Alliance member Luke Skywalker. Mnemos attempted to quote the file for C-3PO before the latter told her that he was sent to supply details on the kind of person Luke Skywalker was that wasn't in the file already.


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