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"TIE fighter ZG-35 to commander! Identification of intruder confirmed... craft is a Rebel shuttle!"
Rip hume

ZG-35 fires the salvo that would kill Hume.

ZG-35 was the callsign of an Imperial TIE/LN starfighter pilot who almost killed Leia Organa in 1 ABY. It was ZG-35 who killed the Rebel agent Hume. At this time he was directly under Darth Vader's command.


When a Star Destroyer under the command of Darth Vader encountered an unidentified space shuttle in Quadrant T2/5/Zero, Vader suspected it might be a Rebel craft and ordered the launch of TIE fighter ZG-35 to investigate the matter. ZG-35 confirmed that it was indeed a Rebel shuttle and was ordered to disable it by Vader.

Aboard the shuttle were Leia Organa and Hume. When ZG-35 started firing upon the shuttle, Hume suggested that Organa escape in a gossamer glider. When Organa refused, Hume knocked her unconscious and sent her off to relative safety on Phelarion. Moments later, ZG-35 fired a salvo that caused the shuttle to explode, thereby killing Hume who was still aboard.

ZG-35 did not notice the gossamer glider heading for Phelarion. Moreover, he had been ordered to only disable the shuttle and not to destroy it.


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