The ZR-57 orbital strike bomb was a weapon used by the Galactic Republic during the time of the Cold War, most notably in the Ord Mantell Civil War. The bomb was capable of vaporizing an entire island and one of these bombs was stolen by the Mantellian Separatist Movement in Ord Mantell around 3643 BBY. Havoc Squad was dispatched with recovering the bomb. When it was ascertained that the bomb was taken inside the separatists' mountain fortress, Havoc, excluding the newly transferred sergeant, departed to retrieve it but suddenly dropped off the grid. Thus, Lieutenant Aric Jorgan sent the Sergeant into the volcano and transmit the deactivation code, rendering the bomb as radioactive paperweight. When the sergeant discovered that the rest of Havoc ready to defect to the Sith Empire, they already had the ZR-57 loaded onto their shuttle, unaware that the sergeant disarmed it.

At the start of the Galactic War, Lord Torius managed to reactivate the ZR-57 and brought it to Voss and placed it underneath the mountain city of Voss-Ka. It was Torius' intention to use the bomb to hold the Voss people hostage and force them to submit, but his plan was stopped by the new Havoc Squad. An entourage of Voss then appeared, explaining that a Mystic had a vision that Havoc would be the one to stop Torius and asked to study the bomb. Havoc politely refused, as the bomb was Republic property, so the Voss departed.

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