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zZip Product Concepts Ltd. was a company specializing in the manufacture of luxury goods for the wealthy, including designer pharmaceuticals and compounds, luxury speeders, and droids.[1] Vehicles that were considered to be sturdy and fashionable were the company's signature; occasionally, these vehicles were also hand-made and were specifically made for wealthy clients.[6] zZip was one of the original contributing sponsors to the Corporate Sector Authority, but was upgraded to voting sponsor.[1]

Subsidiaries of zZip included zZip Defense Concepts, responsible for the manufacture of the K-222 aero-interceptor, and zZip Motor Concepts, which constructed airspeeders such as the Orbitblade-2000.[1] Other products included the X-X landspeeder,[5] the 42-Aybock Ion,[2] the Personality Series ChaumScanner 5,[3] the PSG-8487 View Masker, and the portable Refresher Booth.[4] One of zZip's other subsidiaries, Larjh StarCorporation, manufactured customized space yachts.[1]



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