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Zabraks were a near-human[2] carnivorous species native to the planet Iridonia.[6] The species had distinctive horns atop their heads[5] and two hearts.[2] Although most male Zabraks lived on Iridonia,[13] some lived on Dathomir under the rule of the Nightsisters. These Zabrak were known as the Nightbrothers and were bred with the Nightsisters.[5] The Nightbrothers usually went under the name "Dathomirian."[1]

Zabraks fought against the Galactic Empire's attempts to undermine and subvert them, and instead of surrendering, many joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[14] Zabraks were considered to be proud, self-determined,[15] strong willed, defiant,[14] and even arrogant to some, yet they nevertheless were one of the most independent species in the galaxy.[15]

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