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"But had I wished the rebel fleet discovered, I would have already told the Empire to search the Zaddja, Kowak, or Pantora systems. My analysis points to one of them."
―Bephorin reveals to Skywalker her estimates at the fleet's location[src]

The Zaddja system was one of three star systems where the Givin cryptographer Drusil Bephorin predicted through analysis that the Alliance to Restore the Republic's fleet might be hiding following the Battle of Yavin, the others being the Pantora system and the Kowak system. She kept this information to herself while in the custody of the Galactic Empire, but revealed her guesses to the Rebel agent Luke Skywalker once he freed her from the Imperials. At the time of her guess, the fleet was located in the Pantoran system, not the Zaddja system.[1]

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The Zaddja system first appeared in the Star Wars Legends Crimson Empire comic book series written by Randy Stradley and Mike Richardson and released between 1997 and 1998. The system was not named in the comics though, instead only being identified in The Essential Atlas, another Legends source which was released in 2009. The system was canonized by the novel Heir to the Jedi, which was written by Kevin Hearne and released in 2015.


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