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This article is about the Yuuzhan Vong warrior. You may be looking for Zakar, an Imperial general.

Zakar was a Yuuzhan Vong warrior during the Yuuzhan Vong War. In 25 ABY he fought on the uninhabitable planet Dibrook against New Republic troopers searching for refugees captured during the Battle of Dibrook. He managed to capture the captain, but when he wanted to kill him he was stopped by Commander Tsalok. Tsalok, making sure that others of the captain's group could see, then tore off the captain's enviro-suit, killing him as a warning.

He was later sent to Coruscant to assist Yarmond in capturing Finn Galfridian. He grappled with Kopri, captain of the Palace Guard in an attempt to force Finn to surrender, but was beheaded by Master Dray.


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