Zalia was a Human female data Slicer who was active during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire.


When the Empire invaded Balmorra, the Imperials began to sabotage the Okara Droid Factory which turned the droids inside the facility into crazed killing machines. In 3643 BBY, Zalia was tasked by Major Pirell to enter a code-scrambling virus into the facility's computer system. When she went a security team inside the facility, they were ambushed and the entire team was killed, leaving Zalia the only to survive and hid for nearly few days.

After refusing to follow orders from the Empire, Major Pirell tasked an unidentified bounty hunter to force her to input the virus into the system and then kill her. As the bounty hunter arrived to the facility, Zalia was forced to do input the virus, in which she did, but she didn't realize that she would die for not following orders by Pirell. She begged the hunter to spare her since she wanted to see her family, but the hunter refused her offer and shot the slicer.