Zama-shiwo was a martial art native to the moon Jedha. The Guardian of the Whills Chirrut Îmwe was a master of the art, and when the Rodian Steya moved to Jedha City with her family before the end of the Clone Wars she asked that he teach her. For several years Steya, who was obsessed with martial arts, met with Îmwe in the mornings to practice zama-shiwo in front of the Temple of the Kyber.[1] The art was known as "the inward eye of the outward hand."[2] Zama-shiwo allegedly allowed its practitioners to alter their heart rate and oxygen intake, giving them almost supernatural powers.[3]

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Zama-shiwo was first mentioned in the novel Guardians of the Whills, which was written by Greg Rucka[1] and released on May 2, 2017.[4]



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