Zandoo was a female Nautolan who lived during latter years of the Galactic Republic, and at some point she came to owe the crime lord Jabba the Hutt a large sum of money.

In about 21 BBY, Zandoo overheard a bounty hunter claiming to have made a large amount of money from a deal with an old man named "Dodo." Seeing an opportunity to make a profit, Zandoo contacted her acquaintance Trantos, a Republic clone trooper whom she believed would be interested in the information, and arranged to rendezvous with Trantos on the waterworld Xxan. Zandoo met with Trantos and a Jedi Padawan in a cantina on the outskirts of the city Acquos on Xxan, and she suggested that, in return for a payment, she put the pair into contact with a Rodian ship-dealer fired of hers, who had placed a tracking beacon aboard the bounty hunter's vessel. The trio met with the Rodian and learned that the bounty hunter had traveled to the planet Pzandias, and they planned to journey to the world and further investigate the individual's dealings. However, en-route to the Acquos spaceport, Zandoo, Trantos and the Padawan were captured by a bounty hunter who sought to recover Zandoo's debt to Jabba.