"There's nothing here but dirt and rocks!"

Zandor was a barren desert land on the forest moon of Endor. It was home to the Ogres, as well as the Zandor Rockers.

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"That's too dangerous to even hang glide across!"
―Wicket commenting on the Gorge of Fire[src]

Zandor was located on Endor, and could not be accessed unless someone was able to cross the Gorge of Fire. According to the Ewoks, the only way to cross it was to use the legendary Rainbow crystal, which formed a Rainbow bridge.[1]



"The only living thing we've seen is that little half-dead plant!"

Zandor was home to two known sentient species. Both Ogres and Zandor Rockers lived in Zandor, but, on two occasions, Ewoks visited there for a short night or two. Ewoks were never native to Zandor, however.[1]

Ogres were a species of large, pale, near-Human creatures that lived in caves in Zandor. The only known member of the species, Gantu, raided Bright Tree Village, as well as the territory of the Zandor Rockers, with the rainbow crystal.[1]

The Zandor Rockers were a species of sentient rocks capable of movement. They were friendly to visitors and often welcomed them, as they did to Wicket Wystri Warrick and Teebo. They were capable of making underground tunnels quickly only using their bodies, as they did to tunnel underneath the Gorge of Fire.[1]


"When the Ogre destroyed the Sunnydews, our other plants died and our land became a desert!"
―A Zandor Rocker[src]
Sunnydew flower

A sunnydew flower in an Ewok's hands.

Sunnydew flowers were the only known plants in the land. However, if not for Gantu's stealing of all the flowers with the valued nectar the flowers produced, Zandor would still be the forest full of plants and trees it once was.


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