Zanner was a Human, who lived on the planet Dalicron-4 during the time of the Galactic Civil War.


Zanner was born in 4 BBY and was the son of Corvin. In 3 ABY, when Zanner was seven, one of his father's nerfs gave birth and Zanner adopted the young nerf calf. During a violent storm, Zanner went to the barn to check on the creature and decided to bring it back to the house. However, the nerf became fightened and they both got lost in the storm. A group of verlen caught the scent of the calf and attacked the beast. Before they could attack Zanner as well, a bolt of lighting caused a tree to fall down on him. He was rescued by a group of Alliance to Restore the Republic agents and they took him to be treated by the Ithorian doctor Aloor.