Zarandro Vykas was the brother of Zardra Vykas and a drug addict. He worked as an intergalactic criminal with his sister, traveling the galaxy in her ship, a modified YT-1300 freighter called the Firebrand.


Early lifeEdit

Zarandro was born into a well-to-do family that let him have anything and everything that he wanted. As he grew older he and his sister Zardra did almost everything together, from sports and taking the same classes to spending their leisure time together. Though he had everything he wanted, Zarandro was boring with his life, his friends, and the parents that supplied his every want. Despite this fact, he and his sister were viewed well by their friends.[1]

However, Zarandro's lifestyle led him to be addicted to slumm, a type of stimulant, that helped in in sporting events, but had to side effect of leaving him exhausted afterwards. When he realized he was addicted to slumm he went to his Balosar drug dealer for help instead of his sister or his parents. The Balosar gave him a form of spice that took care of his addiction to slumm, but left him with a greater addiction to the new drug. With this new drug in his system, Zarandro's reflexes were improved which helped him in his training in martial arts.[1]

Criminal careerEdit

After he had overcome his addiction to slumm, Zarandro's sister, Zardra thought of a bold scheme that would give them both a way to overcome the boredom with their lives that they shared. Her plan was to become criminals traveling from planet to planet on her starship the Firebrand committing small crimes with little danger to give them some excitement.[1]

The siblings the rushed ahead into the scheme with enthusiasm, traveling the Core Worlds, Colonies, and to a lesser degree the Inner Rim committing various small crimes along the way. Whenever the duo would enter a cantina they frequented, Zarandro would brag about their latest crime and he would quickly spend whatever money he had gained.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Zarandro Vykas was a man of average height with a rather thin, but athletic, build. He always kept his black hair short and styled in accordance with the latest fashions. His addictions caused him to have pale skin and dark circles around his eyes and also caused him to tremble and sweat almost all the time.[1]

He usually wore nice, fashionable clothes and walked with the bearing of an important person. When he and his sister went to a planet to commit a crime, Zarandro would take a pair of combat gloves and a small hold-out blaster. Even though he carried a blaster, he preferred to fight using martial arts, and only used the blaster when he could not reach his opponent with his fists. Even when he did use the blaster he always used the stun setting, because it was not in his nature to harm anyone permanently.[1]

The only reason Zarandro was a criminal was because of his boredom with his life and his desire for excitement. His sister and he did not need money and did not like hurting people, but they did like the thrill, which caused them to be wanted for various crimes by the authorities.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Zarandro's first appearance was in the Wizards of the Coast'a Star Wars Roleplaying Game sourcebook Ultimate Adversaries as one of the named villains in the first chapter of the book.[1]

In Ultimate Adversaries, "spice" was misspelled "spite" in one place but the rest of the section made it clear that it was meant to read "spice".


Notes and referencesEdit