Z-95 Headhunter

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The Zardossa Stix Pyramid was a Pyramid on the moon Zardossa Stix that was used during the time of the Clone Wars by mother Talzin in her plan to finish the ritual which will drain the Force from Bardottan Queen Julia into the living sphere, and with the combined energy of the fallen Dagoyan Masters were to be transferred to Talzin. As Julia's beloved Jar Jar Binks with the Jedi Master Mace Windu came to liberate Julia, they were hinder by the stone guardians but were able to defeat them. Then they were done they both went to work for the rescuing of the queen. Shortly before the ritual could be completed by the sun's rays Binks saved the queen, while Windu fought against Talzin, the wrong sacrifice was given in the form of the Frangawl Cult leader causing the sphere with the trapped force essence to explode. The three escaped while Talzin was left in an explosion.