Zardres was a Human male Major who served the Sith Empire during the Cold War.


In 3643 BBY, Zardres and his Imperial forces were stationed on Nar Shaddaa where they were forced to work for Captain Andrik who betrayed the Republic Special Task Force and salvaged a Battle droid named M1-4X to fully activate him on the planet.

During the mission, he and his men encountered the new Havoc Squad captain who infiltrated in the Club Vertica Renthouse. Before Zardres and his men ordered the captain to surrender, they were betrayed by Andrik who planned to double up the Imperial patrols and have them dead. Zardres was furious that Andrik deceived him for his loyalty. The Havoc captain convinced him that Andrik was never loyal to Zardres or the Empire. Zardres agreed and let the Havoc captain go. He eventually provided the captain that Andrik was located in a facility within the Shadow Town district.