This diplopod was used by Zare Leonis during training exercises at the officer's Academy on Arkanis. Like other diplopods, it was insect-like and had a stinger, as well as a green shell and innards that Leonis found slightly nauseating. It seemed to respond well to Leonis's commands and Leonis was pleased that he only rarely had to use his provided electro-prod on it, as he found it distasteful. During the exercise, Leonis was shocked when a sting bolt hit the creature's side, causing it to buck. He dropped his rifle and when he twisted to reach it, ended up falling off entirely. He then heard a whistling noise which escalated to a shriek and blacked out. When he regained consciousness, he found that his diplopod was dead, blown in two, as was fellow cadet Xan Lanier.[1]


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