"If you had your father's brains, you'd have found another ship—another captain."
Rav to Jariah Syn[src]

Zareb Syn was a Human male who was the the father of Jariah Syn and an associate of the space pirate Rav, who appeared to respect the man, and confessed to being in his debt at one time.

Jariah's father was killed by the Cathar Jedi Master Rasi Tuum, at some point prior to the Massacre at Ossus. Syn and Rav were destroying the camp of some gem miners that they had presumably come to trade with. Tuum, trying to defend the miners, attacked them both. Zareb was killed in the struggle while a misunderstanding Jariah watched in horror. Rav believed that if Jariah had his father's brains, he would have left the pirate's service.


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