(From left to right) Gornik, Slatblath, and Ugmir

"Hey, as possible rival bounty hunters go, these might not be too bad. Assuming they haven't finished their new war droid."
Mako, speaking to the future Grand Champion of the Great Hunt[src]

The Zargnor Clan was a trio of Ugnaughts (Gornik, Slatblath, and Ugmir) that had made it into the Great Hunt during the Cold War by utilizing their mechanical and engineering skills to build a war droid in which they could ride. The droid's blaster cannons exploded during the entry melee of the competition, killing all participants except the Ugnaughts inside, thereby securing their spot in the competition.

One of their targets was the Eidolon on Nar Shaddaa. It was here they met the future Grand Champion of the Great Hunt, who was hunting the same target, and thus was their rival on the planet.

The Hunter encountered the trio before they had finished building the second version of their war droid, and killed them.

Behind the scenesEdit

The player has the option of either convincing the Ugnaughts not to fight, and thus sparing them, or beating them in combat and then letting them flee.