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For other uses, see Glider.

Zarrak's hang glider was a specially designed hang glider used by the Ewok Zarrak, a user of dark magics. Zarrak's glider was much larger and more elaborate in appearance than other Ewok hang gliders.


This hang glider was dark in color and had a tail hanging off the end of it. A band could snap over Zarrak's head and across his stomach, allowing him to lean into it and guide its flight path. Zarrak could telekinetically draw the glider to himself.


Zarrak hang glider

Zarrak in his glider

After being exiled from Bright Tree Village, Zarrak kept this hang glider within his mountain. After consulting the prophecy pool and being told that the Ewok Teebo was powerful enough to defeat him, Zarrak called his hang glider to him to depart his mountain and head to Bright Tree Village to meet with Teebo.


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