Zax, owner of Zax's Bounty Office.

Zax's bounty office was located in Javyar's Cantina in the Lower City of Taris. Although the bounties posted at the bounty office were supposed to be government authorized, Davik Kang would often place unauthorized bounties regardless of what the laws said. These so called "special bounties" were often favored by bounty hunters as they were less dangerous than standard, officially approved bounties. The office was run by a Hutt named Zax.

Zax's bounty office was a place where many bounty hunters looked for work on Taris. Some visitors to the office were bounty hunters Calo Nord and Canderous Ordo. The bounty office was presumably destroyed when the Sith bombed Taris in 3956 BBY.

Known BountiesEdit

In 3956 BBY, shortly before the Sith bombing of Taris, the following bounties were posted at Zax's bounty office.

Tarisian Government BountiesEdit



Selven, a Tarisian Assassin.

Exchange BountiesEdit



Largo, a Tarisian merchant who owed Davik money.



Matrik, a Twi'lek and former member of the exchange who betrayed Davik.



Dia, a female resident of the Taris Upper City who struck an Exchange agent named Holdan with a Vibroblade in self defense.

Other BountiesEdit


Bendak Starkiller

Bendak Starkiller, an ex-Mandalorian who worked as a Bounty hunter on Taris, where he accidentally killed a nobleman's daughter and then became a gladiator at the Taris dueling ring.


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