"Thank the Force you came, Princess. They found the Palace. The Royal Palace. It's in the Graveyard. Go to Mining Outpost 11. The report was file there. One scout also said they found … Bail Organa … hurry …"
―Zaz Kamiroz[src]

Zaz Kamiroz was a Human male miner and member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Along with Hanos Darr, he was stationed at Mining Outpost 11, a mining operation in the Alderaan system within the Graveyard to search for valuable ores. The Galactic Empire, in an effort to lure the Heroes of Yavin into a trap at the site of Alderaan's destruction, released rumors to the miners that the Aldera Royal Palace had been found in the debris field. Then, the miners were ordered to leave the facility. Kamiroz and Darr traveled to the Ithorian Herdship Bazaar, using a code phrase with a local Alliance agent, the Ithorian Poliss, to arrange a meeting with Princess Leia Organa. Poliss managed to hide Kamiroz in the ship's Dome of the Mother Jungle, although Darr was killed by the assassin droid XS3, who had been dispatched by the Empire. Kamiroz himself was attacked by another assassin, the Human female Ferreges, but was rescued by a team of Alliance agents who had stumbled into the affair. Kamiroz relayed his information to the team, believing they were the Heroes of Yavin, before being sent for treatment for his wounds.



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