Zeb to the Rescue is a World of Reading Level 1 young-readers book in the Star Wars Rebels series that was released on August 5, 2014. The story was adapted by Michael Siglain based on the Star Wars Rebels prelude short "Entanglement," written by Henry Gilroy and series executive producer Simon Kinberg.

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One day on the planet Lothal, rebel Zeb Orrelios travels through Capital City to meet a friend in an alley, but Orrelios enters the wrong alley, inadvertently stumbling upon Imperial stormtroopers who are stealing from Lothal citizens. Determined to help, Orrelios incapacitates the stormtroopers and frees the citizens, but more troopers soon arrive. Orrelios uses his bo-rifle to stun the newly arrived troopers, but when even more troopers join the fight, Orrelios hides atop a nearby starship. Orrelios then blows up the ship, defeating all of the stormtroopers, who are no match for him. The freed Lothal citizens offer Orrelios money for his service, but Orrelios accepts only fruit instead. As a rebel, he is glad to simply stand up for what is right.


Zeb to the Rescue incorrectly states that "Entanglement" is an episode of Star Wars Rebels, when in reality it is a bonus short that was created in promotion of the series.[5]



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