Zeetsa were a small spherical species with short arms and legs native to the planet Ord Cestus. Zeetsas had leathery skin. They came in at least blue and gray, but possibly other colors.[1] The height of one particular Zeetsa was described as "knee-high," placing them at around .25 to .5 meters tall. Their skin changed colors or turned splotchy in times of heightened excitement or anxiety. Guntar and Shar Shar were Zeetsas.[1]

Zeetsas were an important part of Cestian society in ancient days. The X'Ting would feed them and receive a food known as Lifemilk in return. Eventually, the Zeetsa developed sentience, and some of them chose to join general Cestian society, though others did not, preferring a quieter, simpler existence.[2]

Interestingly, these creatures were able to shape-shift somewhat, assuming and mimicking the facial features of others at will. While they retained their size and spherical shape, they were able to alter their typically hidden eyes, nose, and mouth to mimic someone else, as Obi-Wan Kenobi found out. Also, they could apparently defy gravity to a limited extent, and their preferred method of transportation was bouncing or rolling.[2]



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