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Zeev was a duuvhal and the first pet of Force adept Valara Saar. Zeev's sex is unknown.


It is unclear how Valara first met Zeev, but it is known that it was before the Pathfinder III made a first-contact with her world of Yashuvhu on 33 BBY.

A green-feathered reptilian predator, Zeev was apparently trained as a companion by Valara. Valara also taught Zeev to bite on command, which can be dangerous due to the venomous bite of a Duuvhal - this is dangerous enough to kill a Human being.

Valara took Zeev with her when she left Yashuvhu with the Pathfinder III, trying first to become a Jedi and then just a Force adept wanderer through the galaxy. Zeev became the only Duuvhal seen by the galaxy outside Yashuvhu.

Zeev was with Valara in countless adventures, until it finally met a violent demise on Aargau.

After that moment, Valara returned to Yashuvhu, where she took a second Duuvhal pet called Jedi.



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