"I understand that you were promised some rest and recreation time while you were here on the Donn, but we have just received a top priority assignment for you."
―Commander Zeke Rondel[src]

Zeke Rondel was an officer of the Alliance to Restore the Republic in the days after the Battle of Yavin. A Captain, Zeke Rondel approved a mission where analyst Fulkrehm Protial worked undercover pretending to be a drunkard to obtain information.

Soon after these events, Rondel became the commander of the Rebel Alliance's base on Berrol's Donn. He sent a team to Kailor V to obtain secret information, but they failed. At the same time, his base engaged in a mission that saw the rescue of the Shashay Crying Dawn Singer from Braig and Nak Farool. Rondel was noticeable by his thick, curly black hair, and gruff demeanor.


"All Rebellion ships in transit with Shashay navigators have been hijacked by the Shashay. The Shashay leaders have walked away from the negotiating table. They are threatening to go to Moff Owen for help. We're in trouble, and I think you're the only chance we've got. Good luck!"
―Zeke Rondel[src]

Zeke Rondel was a member of the military of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[1] Zeke Rondel became a Captain, with the task of approving or rejecting purposed missions. After the Battle of Yavin, Captain Rondel was approached by former Rebel pilot and by-then analyst Fulkrehm Protial, who walked like a drunkard because of his injuries. Protial wanted to act as a field agent, pretending to be a real drunkard in a cantina. Initially not interested, Captain Rondel changed his mind when he understood that Protial was really unhappy with his current task. Captain Rondel greenlit Protial's idea, and Protial's performance would satisfy his superiors.[2]

Following the Battle of Yavin, while the Alliance was trying to convince the Shashay species to join their fight, Rondel was the commander of a secret base of the on the planet Berrol's Donn. Commander Rondel knew of the status of the negotiations, as the Shashay had already agreed to provide some navigators to Rebel ships. However, the diplomacy was hampered when the pirate Yearo Seville kidnapped Crying Dawn Singer, a cultural hero of the Shashay. A Rebel agent in the Shashay's entourage was also kidnapped, the droid KL-6T-LF7V/T, was also kidnapped, but he sent a signal from the planet Najarka. Rondel's superiors ordered him to send a team to rescue both Crying Dawn Singer and KL-6T-LF7V/T. Rondel assigned the crew of the CRX-Tug Worthless Fool, even although they were entitled to a leave of absence.[1]

As the mission took longer than expected, the Shashay navigators in Rebel ships threatened to ask the Galactic Empire for help in exchange of their allegiance - particularly when Seville broadcast a false transmission pretending to be a leader of the Alliance. Rondel was aghast at this situation, and he reported it to the Worthless Fool. Rondel believed they were the only chance of the Rebel Alliance in the Rayter sector.[1]

Eventually, Rondel's agents rescued Crying Dawn Singer from the Imperial agents of Moff Nile Owen and from his enemy Braig Farool.[1]

Around the same time, Commander Rondel assigned a team of Rebels under his command to travel to Kailor V, where they were to obtain information about a secret Imperial installation. This team failed in their mission and returned to Rondel without the data.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

"May the Force be with us all."
―Zeke Rondel[src]

Thick, with curly black hair, Rondel was a serious military commander, familiar with the political situation in his area - however, he did not give information he considered was unneeded. Men in his Rebel base respected him, and even feared his wrath. He sometimes used holograms to contact his subordinates. Commander Rondel believed in the power of the Force, mentioning it in his prayers.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Zeke Rondel first appeared in The Abduction (1992), a roleplaying adventure for West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. He was later mentioned in other role-playing guides.

If the players of The Abduction fail to recover the droid, then it falls in Owen's hands. Owen discovers the location of the Rebel base on Berrol's Donn and sends Imperial forces to obliterate it. Rondel organizes a hasty evacuation and scolds the player characters, but he cannot punish them right there and then because he needs them to save Crying Dawn Singer.[1]



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