"You'll be starring up at a matrix of bright orange and red giants, neutron stars, and blue stragglers the Zeku call the Cosm's Well."
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The Zeku were the inhabitants of the planet Zekulae,[1] located in the Zeemacht Cluster of the Inner Rim.[2] Their planet was a barren world, noted for its dark, rich mineral soil, studded with blue crystals. Its soil was so fine, that it was everpresent on the planet. The Zeku government took a relaxed approach to laws, and as such, it was not uncommon for disputes to be resolved through physical force or blasters.[1]

Visible from Zekulae was a cluster of stars—orange and red giants, neutron stars, pulsars, and blue stragglers—which the Zeku called Cosm's Well.[3]

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The Zeku were created by Jude Watson for her young adults novel, Jedi Apprentice: The Death of Hope, published in 2001. The novel leaves it unclear whether the term Zeku is a species or a demonym.



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