Zelos II

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Zelos II
Astrographical information

Mid Rim[1]


Tyus sector[1]


Zelos system[2]


1: Zelos[2]

Orbital position


  1. Bellatrig[2]
  2. Tantrig[2]
  3. Moratrig[2]
  4. Nekotrig[2]
Grid coordinates


Rotation period

20 standard hours[2]

Orbital period

300 local days[2]

Physical information



Type I (Breathable)[2]



Primary terrain
Points of interest
Native fauna
Societal information
Native species



Military dictatorship[2]


10 million[2]

Major cities
Major imports
Major exports

Raw ores[2]


Zelos II was the second planet of the Zelos system. It was aligned with the Galactic Empire and was an important source of ores for the Imperial war machine.[2] It was also the homeworld of the Zelosians. The Bare Forest, otherwise known as the Forest of the Walking Dead, was located in the mountains at the far north of the northern continent. The planet was orbited by four moons.


The surface of Zelos II was covered by hills, mountains, and other rough terrain. Galleros was the planet's primary continent and the only inhabited landmass. The oceans contained the smaller continent Bryndas and a few scattered islands.

The planet's government was based in the capital city Kryndyn, which also held the majority of the population. It was connected by a roadway and a railway system to five smaller cities. The smaller cities were all located near mines. Ore was transported from the smaller cities to Kryndyn, where it was shipped off-planet on ore freighters.

All four of the planet's moons were visible at night once every 120 days.[2]


Walking dead

Okeefe and Cholakk encounter a walking corpse on Zelos II.

After the planet's leaders were killed in an attack on Kryndyn by nocturnal predators, general Galleros Nul declared a state of emergency and launched a successful counterattack. He remained in power and claimed Zelos II was neutral in the Galactic Civil War. The Galactic Empire did not interfere with his rule, but it secretly established a TIE/LN starfighter base in the Valley of Umbra.[2]

In 4 ABY a green Alliance Intelligence commando team attempted to destroy a hidden Imperial garrison on that planet, but was ambushed and destroyed, leaving Jai Raventhorn, a former member of the Alliance Infiltrators as the unit's sole survivor. At that same time Platt Okeefe, Tru'eb Cholakk, and Dirk Harkness were attempting to secure a cache of Imperial weapons, but Dirk was captured in the attempt. Platt and Tru'eb, while trying to track down their partner, happened upon the garrison; the two infiltrated the prison and liberated Dirk and Jai. In the ensuing firefight the Imperial major in command was killed, prompting the executive officer to order a surrender.



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